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Since you have found this blog you are most likely looking for a way to make money online or more accurately make money from the web. Zorg can help you on your journey to learning about the web, we will help you understand how the web works and how you can leverage it to make some extra income and maybe even one day quit your day job and work from home or even start your own web publishing business.
I have been making money from the web for many years …

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Internet 101

Internet concepts and terminology you will need to know or at the very least you will need to be familar with to make money online.

Blogging 101

Essential information you need to understand to create a money making blog or website including essential software tools and services.

Money Making Tools

These are what we consider essential money making software tools you that every internet marketer should become familiar.

Income Sources

Information on various companies that will pay you to sell their product or service online or display thier advertising material.

Case Studies

A review of active money making websites both ones Zorg has directly been involved with and ones we watch from a distance.

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Blog and web design

Creating a web site or blog is not rocket science but there are a few important rules to keep in mind when implementing your design. The first important concept is that we are not just creating a website for people to view, there are not only people who will visit your site. So who or what else will be visiting your site? Space Aliens?
Hardly, the other visitors to your website will be bots, crawlers and spiders even though they sound like space aliens or Transformers they are really …

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Pulp Fiction Images and Photos

This vendor has a great range of products including calendars, movie posters, art prints, t-shirts, fridge magnets and it goes on and on, I use links to this company’s products A LOT in just about all the websites that are part of the Zorg Network.  They provide good commissions, pay regularly and on time and have an excellent support system in place for their affiliates.  If you want to sell their products on your blog or website then you have to join the program and become an affiliate, to join …

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To quote Tony Montana in Scarface “Let me introduce you to my leetle friend…” and that little friend is WordPress and she will become your friend, your confidante, your worst enemy and your payday. WordPress is blogging software and its uses are many with large multinational corporations using it to run their web sites and even Zorg uses to run the site you are reading right now. I use it on almost all my internet marketing sites and also use often to create client websites;  it is the yardstick that …